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In Loving Memory of an AMN Hero: Mark Bostock

The ALD/AMN community lost one of its most cherished heroes yesterday.  Mark Bostock was one in a million. Anyone who knew Mark, had the distinct pleasure of being acquainted with an inspirational, kind-hearted, and determined man who could easily put a smile on the faces of anyone that crossed his path.

Mark Bostock was born and raised in Bristol, England. He was diagnosed with adult onset adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), also known AMN several years ago. He lost his brother last year to the very same illness. Since his diagnosis, Mark has been instrumental in the ALD/AMN community. He held a leadership role at the UK-based non-profit ALD Life. He was always committed to inducing collaboration among other like-minded non-profits throughout the world and was a founding member of the ALD/AMN Global Alliance, which last year, merged into the World Leukodystrophy Alliance.

Over the last year, Mark’s condition had unfortunately grown significantly worse. In a decision that was supported by his family, Mark decided to take matters into his own hands and apply for assisted suicide in Switzerland. Although it was with great sadness when we heard the news, we fully understood his decision and admire his courage in the face of such a horrible disease.

Today, we wish to honor Mark’s memory as not just a distinguished colleague, but as a close friend. He will always remain in our hearts and minds and we are honored to have known such an inspirational man. Mark is survived by his wife and daughter.


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