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September is Leukodystrophy Awareness Month

September is Leukodystrophy Awareness Month! Share your story on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram using the hashtag #LeukodystrophyAwareness and help us spread the word to ensure that leukodystrophies become a household name.

Leukodystrophies are a group of rare, progressive, metabolic, genetic diseases that affect the brain, spinal cord and often the peripheral nerves. Each type of leukodystrophy is caused by a specific gene abnormality that leads to abnormal development or destruction of the white matter (myelin sheath) of the brain. The myelin sheath is the protective covering of the nerve and nerves can’t function normally without it. Each type of leukodystrophy affects a different part of the myelin sheath, leading to a range of neurological problems.

“Wear navy blue all month long. Tie navy blue ribbons on your car antennas; tie them on your trees. Encourage all your friends and family members to do the same! People will notice, and when they ask about it, we can tell them all about…Leukodystrophies!” – Darlene Halverson




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