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Jeremy Hill Sr.


Jeremy’s wife Debra was an ALD carrier who passed the disease to his son, Jeremy Jr. In order to stop the progression of the disease, Jeremy Jr. underwent a bone marrow transplant at the University of Minnesota. The disease has since stabilized and as a result, Jeremy Jr. is still able to walk and talk and do things that most kids his age can do. After Jeremy Sr.’s wife passed away from cancer, he became an ALD advocate and the sole care taker for his son.

Jeremy and his son were an integral part of the team to get ALD newborn screening legislation passed in California. They plan to go to Washington D.C. in order to push for ALD newborn screening nationwide. Jeremy promised his wife and son that he would do everything possible to prevent other ALD children and their families from going through what they have endured. 1-800-869-3546
Jeremy Hill Sr.


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