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Justin D’Agostino

Board Member, Patient Liaison

Justin D’Agostino was diagnosed with adrenomyeloneuropathy (AMN) in 2007. His younger brother was diagnosed a year earlier and passed away in 2010. Justin has recently endeavored to become active in the ALD community. In early 2016, he was elected to serve as The Myelin Project’s first patient liaison. In August of 2016, Justin joined The Myelin Project’s Board of Directors. Being the only board member that is a patient, he is providing an invaluable perspective to help guide our values and mission to be more patient-centric.

Justin currently resides in Phoenix, AZ and is passionate about disease management and quality of life concerns. . He enjoys cooking, golf, and conversations of all kinds. His educational background is in Theology and Philosophy, holding a BA from Bethany University (Scotts Valley, CA) and MA from The Graduate Theological Union (Berkeley, CA). Professionally, Justin is a Technical Recruiter, working with a variety of clients in the SF Bay Area.
Justin D’Agostino


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