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Dr. Ian Duncan’s Study Reveals New Clues into Myelin Disorder H-ABC

Dr. Ian Duncan, Chairman of The Myelin Project’s Scientific Advisory Board, has made a significant discovery into the genetic myelin disorder known as H-ABC. After a 29-year quest, Ian Duncan, a professor of veterinary medicine at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has finally pinpointed the cause of a serious neurologic disease

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California A.L.D. Newborn Screening Program to Begin mid-September

We received word from the California Department of Public Health’s Genetic Disease Screening Program (GDSP) that adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) screening will begin in mid-September. In 2013, The Myelin Project sponsored California Assembly Bill 1559 – authored by former Assemblyman, now California Senator Dr. Richard Pan – in order to mandate newborn

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