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Teacher Packet

Teacher Packet

We offer a free educational packet to teachers in the United States to serve as a teaching tool explaining the mechanism of Lorenzo’s Oil and how it can slow the progression of ALD. The packet includes an ALD & Lorenzo’s Oil Study Guide and a complimentary Lorenzo’s Oil DVD. Our teaching resource was featured on the National Science Teachers Association website.

If you are a teacher in the United States and would like to receive your free Lorenzo’s Oil DVD, please fill out the form.

  • Donations to cover the costs associated with DVD purchase, processing, and shipment are encouraged but not required.
  • We usually deliver materials within 5 – 7 business days.

“I have shown Lorenzo’s Oil every year after our genetics unit. The students take away so much and have many questions.”   – Maria from Sunman, Indiana

“I remember my high-school Biology teacher shared this movie with me in 1997 and I want to continue sharing this story of hope in the face of perceived helplessness and teach my students the story of the Odone family and help educate on the disease and research for a cure.”   – Kevin from North Port, Florida


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